President/Founder of Blackbird University, Executive Director of A&R for InRage Entertainment and Sage Goddess Advisor as a Modern Day Shaman.  #IFLY #IMakeRockStars #BlackbirdMagic #BlackbirdsMerkaba

In establishing Blackbird University, Blackbird fuses her online presence  with accredited courses in artistic movement techniques guided by her life-long study in shamanism. 

Blackbird is currently working on her Doctorate in Sports & Performance Psychology. #IMakeRockStars #BlackbirdMagic coming soon are her publishings on the convergence of Arts, Science and Healing.

She has created curriculum for colleges, multiple dance studios across the US and Canada and codified her Blackbird Methodology into accredited certificates. She has choreographed and produced multiple ongoing series' of live music and dance shows, filmed projects and now makes rockstars as she heads the A&R and Development to find new talent and coach music artists for Indie label.

Prior to being a College Professor in Dance for 10 years and mother with a Master Degree in Education and Cultural Studies, Blackbird performed, choreographed and taught across the US and Internationally for over 25 years.  She has years of Choreography/Actress/Dancer/Model credits in fashion, major motion pictures, Bollywood and independent films, music videos, commercials and TV. Blackbird has privately coached celebrity clients, has Executive Producer credits from various films with awards in the international film festival circuits and has had many students succeed with acting, dance, modeling and music on "Gotham", "Glee", "Nickelodeon", Broadway and major feature films. 


Blackbird is a member of the CID; Intl Counsil de Danse since 1992

(the UNESCO of the dance world.)




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